Papers for Society 5.0 Conference

Please, note that the papers of volume 1 on this website are prefinal versions. The final versions will be published by Springer CCIS volume 2173 and should be the version used for citations and links (see the footnote in the papers). The papers of the volume 2 are the final versions. 

Marc Aeschbacher and Valeria Legena

A Concept for Team Development and Optimisation

Petra Maria Asprion, Bettina Schneider and Patrick Consonni

Adopting Agile in Cybersecurity Management

Gisèle Beuchat, Knut Hinkelmann and Maja Spahic-Bogdanovic

Ontology-Based Course Recommendation

Rouma Bucktowar and Kesseven Padachi

Green Entrepreneurial Orientation,Green Innovation and Competitive Advantage: The new entrepreneurial Revolution

Barbara Eisenbart, Sandra Schlick and Nomindari Ganbold

Data Traceability for Lifecycle Management

Hermann Grieder, Franka Ebai, Bettina Schneider and Eyongabi Carlson Ngwa

A Case Study on Teaching Social Engineering to Swiss and Cameroonian University Students in a Virtual and Cross-Cultural Setting

Tshegofatso Evidence Hutang and Ignitia Motjolopane

Big Data Analytics Implementation Risks Conceptual Model

Stephan Jüngling, Gordana Kierans, Said Easa and Dominik Wörner

Rethinking Cars for Sustainable Mobility – Shared Autonomous Vehicles and Circularity

Annie Mare and Marie Hattingh

Critical Success Factors for Implementing Empathic Design in Agile Teams

Allan Masawi and Machdel Matthee

Overcoming Obstacles to Adapting Artificial Intelligence in Identity and Access Management

Nita Mennega and Tania Prinsloo

Investigating Automated Marking Techniques in Teaching Advanced Excel to Large Groups of Accounting Students

Wesley Moonsamy and Shawren Singh

Navigating Digital Health Research Ethics: Insights from a South African Context

Kiran Odit Dookhan

Learners’ Perception of IoT in the Mauritian Higher Education

Deborah Oluwadele and Timothy Adeliyi

Empowering Business Analysts for Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0: Strengthening Capabilities for Digital Transformation in South Africa

Prabha Ramseook-Munhurrun, Perunjodi Naidoo and Kesseven Padachi

Digital Transformation Readiness for Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Academics Perspectives

Rutasimbala Raymond and S D Lukea Bhiwajee

 Green Human Resource Management Practices in Society 5.0 a Critical Analysis of Opportunities And Challenges

Stefan Smuts and Alta Van der Merwe

A Framework for Industry 4.0-Related Organizational Transformation

Havisha Vaghjee and Yuvraj Sunecher

Game-Based Learning – An innovative approach to pedagogy

Jacobus van Deventer and Hanlie Smuts

Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Transformation: Exploring the Role Of Enterprise Architecture 2.0

Silke Waterstraat

Corporate Governance Sustainability Regulation: The Impact of Sustainability Competencies on ESG Ratings - An Exploratory Study of European and Japanese Banks

Funmi Adebesin and Deborah Oluwadele

The Ethical Implications of Precision Medicine for Society 5.0: A Systematic Review

Muhammed Nawaaz Antulay and Funmi Adebesin

A Systematic Literature Review on How Conversational Agents are Transforming Healthcare

Franz Barjak and Fabian Heimsch

Student-Mediated Knowledge Exchange: An Unjustly Neglected Form of Interaction Between Science and Business

Sanjayduth Bhundhoo, Preeya Ramasamy Coolen and Roslyn Fraser

Unveiling the “vulnerability cycle” of migrant workers in Mauritius: Applying A Grounded Theory Approach to health and wellbeing of migrant workers

Mathias Binswanger

More Bureaucracy Instead of More Security or More Fairenss: The Effects of AI Regulation

Adriaan Coetzer, Lizette Weilbach, Marié Hattingh and Shireen Panchoo

The Impact of Generative AI on Creative Professionals in Marketing: A Systematic Review and Practical Framework

Miriam Mei Yi Dall'Agnolo, Stephan Jüngling and Hanlie Smuts

Towards a Smart City Sustainability Tracker for Achieving SDG 11 in Cities

Sunet Eybers, Corne van Staden and Jan Kroeze

Enhancing Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning: An Instructor’s View on Africanization

Rouxan Colin Fouché and Wynand Nel

Closing the Gap: Leveraging Recorded Video Lessons for Digital Inclusion in Rural South Africa

Viraj Fulena

Examining Smart Contracts within Mauritian Contract Law: Assessing their Compatibility with Existing Legal Frameworks

Thakoor Sharma Geerawo and Bhavna Mahadew

The Influence of Board Characteristics on Environmental Sustainability in Northern Europe

Susan Goeldi and Oscar Thees

Collaborative Online International Learning COIL: Trends, Definition & Typology

Leenshya Gunnoo, Eric Bindah and Nousrat Banu Emambocus

Towards a Sustainable Future: Understanding Green Consumerism in Mauritius

Dayalutchmee Amrita Kodye-Domah, Leena Devi Sobha and Soolakshna Desai Lukea Bhiwajee

Assessing the impact of decent work on the mental health of female carers in Mauritius through the Psychology of Working Theory

Sean Kruger

Transcultural Leadership and Sustainable Development in the Digital Era: Navigating the 4IR in South Africa

Emanuele Laurenzi, Dario Meyer and Patrick Moesch

A Decision-Support System (DSS) for University Incubators

Keoitshepile Machikape and Deborah Oluwadele

Advancing Financial Inclusion and Data Ethics: The Role of Alternative Credit Scoring

Dario Meyer, Alice Frey and Rolf Meyer

Short Duration, Lasting Impression: The Role of Short-Term Study Trips in Cross-Cultural Learning

Sandile Thamie Mhlanga and Josef Langerman

The Influence of Tribal Leaders in The Adoption of e-Banking Products in The Kingdom of eSwatini: Using Social Influence Theory

Nkosikhona Theoren Msweli and Tendani Mawela

The Benefits and Challenges of Using Datathons as a Method of Learning Data Analytics

Kesseven Padachi, Diroubinee Narrainen, Aleesha Boolaky, Hemant Chittoo, Needesh Ramphul and Lizette Weilbach

Exploring the Innovation Capabilities of Mauritian SMEs: A Factor Analysis Approach

Christopher Scherb, Adrian Hadayah, Luc Heitz, Hermann Grieder and Petra Maria Asprion

CyMed: A Framework for Testing Cybersecurity of Connected Medical Devices

Iddo-Imri Scholtz and Hanlie Smuts

Checklist for Effective Knowledge Visualization

Trisheeta Sewdin, Hemant B Chittoo and Needesh Ramphul

Business Agility To Cope With The Increasing National Minimum Wage After The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Of SMEs In Mauritius

Reshma Sunkur, Komali Kantamaneni, Chandradeo Bokhoree, Upaka Rathnayake and Michael Fernando

Harnessing Technology for Mangrove Research in The Western Indian Ocean to Enhance Climate Change Resilience

Eldridge van der Westhuizen, Dalenca Pottas and Sue Petratos

Unveiling the Power of Apomediation: Perspectives from Individuals Living with Autoimmune Disease

Mvelo Walaza and Sunet Eybers

A Conceptual Framework for Digitalized Payment Systems

Lizette Weilbach, Hanlie Smuts, Aleesha Boolaky, Hemant Chittoo, Diroubinee Mauree-Narrainen, Kesseven Padachi and Needesh Ramphul

Exploring the Innovation Capabilities of South African SMEs: A Principal Component Analysis Approach

Xinhua Wittmann and Daria Klyushina

Predictors of workplace satisfaction: working onsite versus working from home