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Workshop 1

Digital Trust is a crucial requirement for enabling Society 5.0 by Pascal Moriggl, Petra Asprion, Bettina Schneider and Frank Grimberg

New technologies like IoT, robotics, AI, and big data hold promise for addressing social issues and fostering economic development. Society 5.0 leverages these technologies to advance sustainability, humanity, and inclusion. However, widespread adoption hinges on building trust in these innovations across all sectors. Establishing Digital Trust as a cornerstone of Society 5.0 presents multifaceted challenges. By participating in a workshop at the Society 5.0 conference and engaging with experts, we aim to refine our understanding of Digital Trust and initiate discussions on its enhancement. Collaborating with researchers and practitioners will enable us to explore ways to integrate Digital Trust into our work, advancing the prospects of a reliable and sustainable Society 5.0. The workshop on Digital Trust builds on interaction among participants from different disciplines. A Digital Trust Framework will be presented at the beginning to kick-start a discussion on diverse understandings of the Digital Trust concept. The guiding question: " What are the essential components of a possible Digital Trust Framework in the context of a Society 5.0, allowing researchers to navigate the complex interplay between technological advances, ethical considerations, and global regulatory landscapes?

Workshop 2

Empowering Society 5.0 through Human-Centred Design Thinking by Lizette Weilbach, Marie Hattingh and Hanlie Smuts

Society 5.0 aims to create a human-centred society where technology serves the well-being of all individuals. Design thinking is inherently human-centred, making it a perfect fit for addressing the challenges and opportunities of Society 5.0. Design thinking fosters collaboration and empathy, two essential elements for driving positive societal transformation in line with the goals of Society 5.0. The workshop will provide participants with practical tools and methodologies to address complex societal issues in an inclusive and innovative manner, aligning with the core principles of Society 5.0.

Workshop 3

Partnership between Human and AI in the Society of the Future by Knut Hinkelmann

This workshop will explore the evolving partnership between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping a human-centered society. It will delve into the dynamics of human-AI collaboration, examining the roles and responsibilities of both, the shift in human skills in response to AI's increasing capabilities, and the ethical considerations of such partnerships. 

The workshop aims to foster discussions on how human-AI collaboration can drive sustainable and inclusive growth, focusing on practical applications, policy implications, and future research directions. This theme aligns with the conference's objectives by highlighting the importance of leveraging digital opportunities to benefit society as a whole. The workshop will consist of few introductory presentations, an interactive part in which participants discuss relevant questions and a panel discussion.

Workshop 4

Introduction to Game Development using Scirra's Construct 3 by Riyad Dhuny

Computer and mobile gaming is widely accepted as an activity within society, particularly among the younger generation, who often interact and learn through games. The design and creation of these games can aid educators and instructional designers capture students' attention by blending creative teaching with new learning methods. Through game design, pertinent issues like the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be effectively addressed for sensitisation purposes. In addition, it is crucial for IT-literate parents to comprehend the creation of games and appreciate the monetisation aspect through ads. This area can lead to the generation of passive income and serves as an opportunity to educate children about technopreneurship. To conclude, the relevance of this workshop under Society 5.0 stems from the key topics highlighted in bold within this paragraph. Creating computer games for web and mobile platforms becomes significantly easier using the right tool. In this session, attendees will be able to explore Scirra's Construct 3 environment during a unique introductory session on game creation. Participants will learn how to create platform-based games like Super Mario, delve into physics-based behaviours for casual games, and have an overview of exporting the game into an Android Mobile Application. This session is designed to be interactive; thus, participants are requested to bring their laptops or tablets. Internet access will be needed to use the web platform at